Settlement Reached in CO Priests Abuse Case

Settlement Reached in CO Priests Abuse Case

A settlement was recently reached in Denver, CO, involving eighteen claims of sexual abuse brought against the Archdiocese of Denver.

All the victims say they were abused by the same priest and that the Catholic Church hid the accused discretions by moving him to different parishes across the state.

Abused Family Speaks Out

Tom Koldeway, his brother John and sister, Mary Kay, claim they were all victims of sexual abuse growing up.

Harold Robert White is the priest they say abused them all and according to reports none of the siblings knew about the other’s abuse until they were adults.

“This is a great day,” says Tom Koldeway. “It’s been difficult.”

More Victims Reveal Themselves

A dozen other victims revealed themselves during the trial stating that White has abused them as well.

“White was a serial offender who was unable to control himself,” says attorney for the victims, Jeff Anderson.

Other Priests Named in Suit

Leonard Abercrombie and Lawrence St. Peter were also named in the suit, which was filed in 2005.

Including the settlement for this case, the Archdiocese of Denver says it has paid over $8 million to victims of White and Abercrombie.

(Source: 9News)

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