Racial Discrimination Suit Filed Against Albertsons

Racial Discrimination Suit Filed Against Albertsons

A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Albertsons LLC claiming the grocer’s Colorado distribution center was involved in a “decade-long history of racial and ethnic harassment.”

According to the lawsuit, brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Albertsons employees were subjected to vulgar acts of racial harassment including exposure to graffiti of swastikas and racist slurs and drawings of Hispanics and African Americans with ropes tied around their necks.

The Colorado operations was acquired last month by an investor group who commented in a statement that the harassment complaints were filed prior to the company’s acquisition.

“Nonetheless, Albertsons LLC takes seriously any allegations of discrimination or harassment in its operations and will take all proper steps, including investigation and, if appropriate, corrective disciplinary action,” according to the company’s statement.

The discrimination lawsuit was the next step after a several year investigation that stemmed from two complaints filed by African American employee Matthew Ricks.

The suit details claims of racial harassment. Allegedly, in April 2002, a supervisor “approached Mr. Ricks during break time, grabbed Mr. Ricks’ papers, ordered him off the phone, was physically aggressive and stalked behind Mr. Ricks as he walked away, stating to Mr. Ricks ‘There you go, acting like an n-word,” according to the suit.

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