Disney Targeted in Wrongful Death Suit

Disney Targeted in Wrongful Death Suit

The parents of a boy who died after riding “Mission: Space” at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company seeking unspecified damages.

Daudi Bamuwamye rode “Mission: Space” on June 13, 2005 and died shortly after the ride ended. An autopsy revealed that Bamuwamye died of an irregular heartbeat linked to a thickening of the heart muscle.

A medical examiner said that Bamuwamye’s heart condition placed him at a higher risk for death in physically or emotionally stressful situations.

The lawsuit alleges that Disney failed to provide the public with adequate warnings about the dangers of the ride, which simulates a trip to Mars by spinning riders in a centrifuge that creates twice the normal force of gravity.

According to the claim, Disney should not have allowed such a small child on the ride and should have done more to help the family when the boy slipped into unconsciousness.

Jacquee Polak, a Disney spokeswoman, denied that the height requirement for the ride was inappropriate and added that the company handled the situation properly.

The safety of “Mission: Space” was questioned in April when a 49-year-old woman became ill and died after riding it. Other riders have been taken to the hospital complaining of chest pain afterwards.

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