Doctor Gets $2.5M in 9/11 Lawsuit

Doctor Gets $2.5M in 9/11 Lawsuit

Basem Hussein, an Egyptian-born doctor from Pittsburgh, PA, was recently awarded $2.5 million for punitive damages stemming from a 9/11 related incident.

An apartment manager, Sherri Lynn Wilson, was in Dr. Hussein’s apartment to replace filters in the furnace.  On September 11, 2001, she reported to the FBI that she had seen Arabic literature, an airplane flight manual, a compact disc cover depicting an exploding airplane, and chemical residue she said was related to bomb making in Mr. Hussein’s apartment.

The FBI searched the doctor’s house and car extensively.  In fact, the Arabic literature was a copy of the man’s Koran, the flight manual and CD were from a computer game, and the bomb residue turned out to be house dust.

Dr. Hussein, a US resident, was away in New Mexico at the time.  The FBI detained him in NM, fingerprinting and interviewing him about the incident before letting him go.  When he got back to his apartment complex, the Meadows Apartments in Neshannock Township, he found out that he was evicted.

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