Man Wins $11M Due to Doctors Mistake

Man Wins $11M Due to Doctors Mistake

Joey Crumes was recently awarded $11.7 million by a Santa Ana jury for a doctors mistake. The jury found that two doctors at the Mission Viejo hospital were responsible for his lapse into a coma.

The doctors at the hospital in Orange County, CA, reportedly failed to properly diagnose Crumes, which ultimately caused an infection leaving him with severe brain injuries.

The Case

In 2004 Crumes was rushed to the emergency room suffering from major headaches.

Upon arriving to the hospital, Crumes is said to have immediately informed the doctors that he was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 and to treat the cancer, doctors had to remove a portion of his sinus cavity.  

Crumes suffered from a stroke five days after being admitted to Mission Viejo hospital.

Radiologist Charles Aucreman and physician Andrew Lawson reportedly never performed a CT scan on Crumes after his stroke and being told of his the 1993 operation.

Instead, they sent him home with painkillers to treat his headaches and with the necessary medicine needed for his stroke.

The infection quickly spread to his brain after being home just a few days and Crumes returned to the hospital just before he went into a coma.  

He was treated over an 11-month stay at the hospital and eventually came out of his coma.

Jury Finds Doctors Responsible

Daniel Spradlin, Crumes’ lawyer, claims that if his client was given proper treatment when he first arrived to Mission Viejo, he would have never underwent the emotional and physical stress he had to endure.  

Another physician who worked closely with Crumes while he was at the hospital supported Spradlin’s claims telling the jury that the doctors essentially sent him home with a time bomb in his head.

Crumes filed a lawsuit against Charles Aucreman and Andrew Lawson, and after several trials, the Santa Ana jury finally concluded that the doctors were responsible for the 45-year-old man’s stroke and coma.


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