Dog Bite Victim Sues 8 Years After Incident

Dog Bite Victim Sues 8 Years After Incident

A Pennsylvania woman who suffered severe injury after a dog bite eight years ago recently filed a lawsuit against the dog’s owners. The lawsuit seeks more than $25,000 in damages.

The Attack

Laura Haidet was 11-years-old when she visited the residence of Gregory M. and Nancy J. Kovalchick in July 1999 to play video games with other children. According to Haidet’s complaint, the couple’s Rottweiler attacked her without warning or provocation.

Injuries Suffered

As a result of the attack, Haidet claims she suffered deep facial wounds—which needed 150 stitches and scar revision surgery. In her lawsuit, she states that she still requires more surgery to correct the damage to her nose.

Lawsuit and Limitations

Most personal injury lawsuits are governed by a two-year statute of limitations, meaning a person typically cannot file a legal claim after this time. However, because Haidet was a minor at the time of her injury, she had two years from her 18th birthday to file a claim.


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