Dog Bite Victim Wins $1 Million Jury Award

Dog Bite Victim Wins $1 Million Jury Award

A Washington dog bite victim was awarded approximately $1 million in damages by a federal jury on Tuesday. The man had sued Benton County and local police officers after a police chase resulted in the attack and wrongful arrest.

Ken Roger, 54, was asleep in a fenced back yard in July 2003 when a police dog followed the wrong scent and attacked him, biting him numerous times on the back, neck, face, and hand.

According to his complaint, his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable seizure had been violated. In addition to undue search and seizure, Roger’s complaint also cited false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, and inadequate medical care.

Roger’s innocence in the case was never questioned. He and his wife, Mary Lou, sought more than $2 million in compensatory damages and at least $1 million in punitive damages.

The jury award was as much as threefold the amount the defendant’s insurance carriers offered during settlement talks, said Diehl Rettig, attorney for Roger.

(Source: Tri-City Herald)

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