‘Dog Whisperer’ Sued for Animal Cruelty

‘Dog Whisperer’ Sued for Animal Cruelty

The dog trainer Cesar Millan, nationally recognized for his popular TV show “The Dog Whisperer,” has been slapped with a lawsuit for alleged animal cruelty, fraud, breech of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional stress.

This lawsuit was filed by television producer Flody Suarez, who brought his young Labrador retriever (Emcat) to Millan’s Dog Psychology Center. He hoped animal trainers there could ease his dog’s fear of people and other animals.

At the training center, Suarez’s dog was allegedly suffocated by a choke chain and forced to run on a treadmill to the point of exhaustion. Only hours after his arrival at the center, the dog had to be rushed to the emergency room because he was bleeding from the mouth and nose, was gasping for breath, and suffered serious bruising to his back thighs, according to the lawsuit.

Suarez is seeking $25,000 in damages for the serious injuries his dog allegedly suffered at the hands of Millan and his staff.

Millan’s TV program, appearing on the National Geographic Channel, highlights Millan’s seemingly uncanny ability to ‘cure’ dogs from various emotional issues and behavioral problems.

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