Domestic Abuse Victim Files $29M Lawsuit

Domestic Abuse Victim Files $29M Lawsuit

A victim of domestic abuse has filed a lawsuit against the police department claiming that they failed to take appropriate measures to arrest the ex-husband who killed her father and brother and nearly killed her.

Elaine Artiaga filed the lawsuit against the Valencia County Sheriff’s Department and Los Lunas Police department claiming that they repeatedly failed to prosecute or arrest her husband Elias Chavez on many domestic violence violations, which led to the fatal incident on April 3, 2003.

Chavez is in jail awaiting his murder trial.

The Incident

Elaine Artiaga survived despite being stabbed multiple times in the head with a knife with a nine-inch blade and a brass knuckle grip. Her father and brother who tried to protect her did not survive, however.

Artiaga’s nephew witnessed the whole thing.

The Lawsuit

Artiaga had complained of Chavez’s domestic violence numerous times, but police responded by only arresting him for DWI and failure to appear. The domestic violence reports should have been followed up by arrests or prosecutions, but were not, said Brad Hall, Artiaga’s attorney.

“There are bright, huge lethality flags along the last two years (before the stabbings), according to the experts,” said Hall.

The lawsuit claims that the law enforcement departments should have arrested Chavez long before this incident occurred, which would have saved the lives of two men, and spared several other victims terrible trauma.

The lawsuit was filed by Artiaga on the behalf of herself, her nephew who witnessed the violence, her mother, and the estates of her brother Jerome and her father Paul. It seeks damages totaling $29 million including compensation for injuries, loss of life, pain and suffering, and other injuries sustained.

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