Elderly Driver Sues Police

Elderly Driver Sues Police

An 85-year-old man is suing the city of St. Paul, the Police Department, and two officers over depression and physical injuries he sustained as a result of an alleged beating.

The lawsuit claims excessive force, battery, and assault on the part of officer Michael Lee. It also states the alleged victim, who has no criminal record, suffered depression, anxiety attacks, and damage to his eyes and legs.

The elderly man, Leon Nins, seeks more than $50,000 for his mental and physical injuries plus punitive damages.

Nins’ son, Rev. Thomas Nins, said the beating had a profound impact on his father’s life.

“My father has earned the right to have some sense of justice, and if justice can only come in the form of compensation, he is entitled to that as well,” said Thomas Nins. “The blows were from the outside, but the wounds don’t heal on the inside. A man who lived his life with integrity was treated without honor or respect.”

The Traffic Stop

Nins was on his way to take a sack lunch to his sick wife at a nursing home when he was pulled over for expired license plate stickers.

According to the lawsuit, Nins tried to step out of the car, but the officer grabbed the sack lunch Nins had packed for his wife and threw it to the floor.

When Nins asked the officer why he did that, Lee responded only by assaulting him, according to the suit. Nins questioned the officer’s actions, but never resisted, he claims.

At this point, the officer punched, kicked, and struck him with a baton or flashlight, and also sprayed him with pepper spray, the suit claims.

“Mr. Nins cried out in pain and begged officer Lee to stop the beating prior to being thrown on the floor of the backseat of the squad car,” the suit said.

Nins was put in jail, where he spent three days before he was allowed to contact family members.

Nins suffered confusion and hearing loss at the time of the alleged beating. Since that time, he has
been moved to a nursing home. His eyesight and kidneys are now failing.

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