Drivers Awarded $61 Million in FedEx Case

Drivers Awarded $61 Million in FedEx Case

An Alameda County Superior Court jury awarded two FedEx Ground drivers of Lebanese descent $61 million for damages suffered as a result of racial discrimination.

Edgar Rizkallah, 43, and Kamil Issa, 36, claimed that Stacy Shoun, terminal manager for the Oakland Ground facility, harassed them with racial slurs for two years. According to the lawsuit, she called them “terrorists” and “camel jockeys,” among other epithets.

The lawsuit was filed in 2001, citing emotional distress due to a hostile work environment. The shipping giant was accused of failing to enforce its anti-discrimination policies.

Christopher Dolan, attorney for the two men, said that complaints made to senior managers went ignored.

In late May, a jury awarded the two men $11 million in compensatory damages. Punitive damages totaling $50 million were awarded last Friday.

Shoun must pay the drivers $1 million under a California law that holds individuals personally liable for harassment in the workplace. She remains employed with the company, but it is unknown in what capacity.

Maury Lane, spokesman for FedEx, said, “The company has strong anti-discriminatory policies, and this is not tolerated.”

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