Einstein Industries Violates California Labor Laws

Einstein Industries Violates California Labor Laws

Einstein Industries Inc. was hit with a lawsuit from the State of California's Labor Commission, Dec. 23, for repeatedly failing to pay employees on time. The San Diego-based online legal/healthcare marketing company, established in 1995, is alleged to have violated California Labor Code section 204, which requires that all earned wages be paid twice during each calendar month on the days designated as regular paydays by the employer.

Lawsuit Seeks Compensation for Unpaid, Late Wages
The late or unpaid Einstein Industries Inc. ("EI2") wages amount to nearly $250,000, which is the penalty sought by the lawsuit. California Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet, whose offices are headquartered in San Francisco, described the purpose of the action: "We want to make sure that employees are correctly and promptly paid on regularly established pay days as required by law…Companies that fail to pay their employees when wages are due create economic hardships for employees who depend on their wages for the necessities of life for their family."

Defendant Accused of Ongoing Violation of Labor Law
According to the lawsuit, Einstein Industries failed to pay its employees on time from August–November 2007 and again from July 2008 to the present. Employees' paychecks during these periods have been late by as much as several weeks. Einstein Industries employs about 250 people and offers a variety of Internet services, including:

  • custom website design
  • conversion and tracking services, including website statistics
  • online directory advertising and brochures
  • online video production
  • e-commerce services

A Quick Resolution Is Expected
Commissioner Bradstreet, a former private attorney who represented employers in labor law cases during a 25-year career, was appointed to serve with the California Department of Industrial Relations by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in June 2007. She expressed her hope that a "quick resolution with Einstein Industries" regarding the lawsuit would be attained, with their future full compliance with state labor laws.

(Source: CompNewsNetwork)

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