Elderly Man Files Lawsuit Against Police Dog Attack

Elderly Man Files Lawsuit Against Police Dog Attack

An 83-year-old Tucson, Arizona man has filed a lawsuit against Pima County and a police officer deputy after being viciously attacked by a retired Sheriff’s Department patrol dog.  The man, Alexander L. Dufour, claims he was trimming trees on his property when the attack occurred.

The lawsuit was filed in Pima County Supreme Court, stemming from the April 19, 2005 incident.  Dufour had to undergo extensive reconstructive and life-saving surgery and had to have most of his right arm amputated as a result of the attack.

The animal’s owner Deputy John Summey later had Bronco, the dog, euthanized.

Part of the lawsuit alleges that the Sheriff’s Department knew that the dog was dangerous and out of control as early as 1998.  In that year, Bronco had already bitten three other people on duty and one person while off-duty.

The lawsuit seeks damages from the attack estimated to be around $3 million.

Dog attacks are on the rise around the country and several state and cities are taking legal measures to try and stop them.  This dog attack was particularly serious and involved a law enforcement dog, one that was used for many years in protecting citizens.

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