Elderly Woman Claims Officer Beat Her, Sues

Elderly Woman Claims Officer Beat Her, Sues

An 85-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that she suffered severe physical abuse at the hands of a police officer at a Wal-Mart in 2005.

Because of the assault, June O. Carlson, then 83, suffered extreme emotional distress, dizzy spells, involuntary urination, and lost her ability to drive, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court.

The lawsuit claims that the officer, Scott Bukovic, took “sadistic pleasure” in the beating. It also claims that the Darien Police Department knew about Bukovic’s abusive behavior, but did not take action to prevent future abuse.

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $10 million from Wal-Mart and the city of Darien.

The Beating

According to reports, Carlson was shopping at Wal-Mart with her adult son, Paul, who is deaf and diabetic. Paul pushed a shopping cart around a corner and accidentally brushed his arm against a box containing a fire hose. He cut his arm open on a piece of metal that was sticking out of the bottom of the box which was not a part of the box’s design.

June Carlson was called over the loud speaker to Wal-Mart’s first-aid area. She saw that Wal-Mart employees had not administered proper first aid. They had only treated him with an iodine pad, and small, thin gauze, the lawsuit said.

June Carlson expressed concern about the inadequate care, but the Wal-Mart employees refused to do anything more.

A supervisor then called the Darien Police. Officer Bukovic arrived with another officer and demanded that Carlson give up her purse. He then asked her if she had a driver’s license, and told her to leave the store without her son. She declined to give up her purse without  being told why it was demanded of her.
According to the lawsuit, as Paul watched, Bukovic forcibly grabbed June by the arms, yanking the purse away from her. She was scared of being hurt, and she backed away saying, “Don’t touch me.” The officer then grabbed her, compressed her left breast, and hit her in the legs repeatedly, the suit claims.

June suffered bruises to her arms and breast, and suffered a swollen elbow, shaking in her right leg, numbness in her left leg, and aggravated high blood pressure. She can no longer drive, the lawsuit claims.

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