Risky Elevators in Florida

Risky Elevators in Florida

Despite elevator accidents decreasing throughout the country, recent reports show that many elevators in Central Florida may pose risks.

Reports claim that more than 30 percent of elevators in the Central Florida area are overdue for inspections and some of these elevators are located in government buildings.

Delay on State Inspections

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is responsible for overseeing the licensing of elevators for the state of Florida.

However, the Division Director, Bill Veach, says that out of more than 40,000 elevators in the state, about 15,000 are delinquent.

“They should all be inspected and up to par,” says Romain Sewchand, a resident of Orlando.

Central Florida Concerns

The percentages of safe elevators in Central Florida appear to have about the same statistics.

Of the 9, 500 elevators in Central Florida, 3,000 have been reported as being delinquent.

“It’s not desirable to have an elevator in delinquent status,” says Veach.

Government Buildings With Problems

According to reports, the Florida Hospital System and two state offices have elevator’s that have not been inspected.

Lauren Buzzelli from the Department of Management Services, which manages these buildings, claims they have hired inspectors from Kone Incorporated, but they haven’t had the time for the inspections.

Veach explains that all the elevator certificates expire on August 1, and there “don’t seem to be enough inspectors to meet this deadline.”

Florida state officials claim that by the end of the year, all of the elevators in Florida will have been expected, despite growing reports of elevator related injuries.

(Source: WFTV)

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