Appeals Court Supports Emotional Abuse Case

Appeals Court Supports Emotional Abuse Case

An emotional abuse suit that was filed by a General Electric worker has been approved to move forward by the Ohio Court of Appeals.

The case claims the man was the victim of “intentional infliction of emotional distress” by his fellow employees at General Electric.

Allegations of Abuse

According to the suit, co-workers emotionally abused Barry P. Tenney due to his sexual orientation.

Tenney was employed at the Niles/Mahoning Glass Plant for over 30 years and filed the suit in 2000.

When Tenney suffered an injury of the groin in 1996 he was supposedly the object of anti-gay graffiti and harassment by others at work.

Tenney claims his supervisor did nothing to prevent the abuse from continuing and instead joined in, using hostile slurs against him.

The plaintiff also claims he was treated in a homophobic manner by one of the nurse’s at the plant, Joanne O’Neil.

In the suit, he accuses O’Neil of erotically embracing him and reported that as a result of all the abuse he endured while employed at GE, he became critically depressed and was prescribed medication for his anxiety.

Case Appealed

Although the case was appealed to a higher court after a trial court dismissed it, the claim of emotional distress was not dismissed and it was sent back to a trial court.

The court explained that every employer has an obligation to provide its employees with a safe work environment and is therefore liable for failing to take action when an employee is threatened or harmed in any way.

(Source: The Edge)

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