Man Files Emotional Abuse Lawsuit in Roseland

Man Files Emotional Abuse Lawsuit in Roseland

A lawsuit was recently filed by a man against the town of Roseland, IN, for his arrest at a Town Council meeting late last year.

The man claims that as a result of the unlawful arrest, he has suffered due to the emotional abuse, embarrassment and humiliation that he endured in front of the other town residents.

Reason for the Suit

Louis Krueper Sr., an 82-year-old resident of Granger, claims that while at a town meeting he was wrongly arrested and injured emotionally and physically.

Krueper was allegedly at a Roseland Town Council meeting when Town Council President, Dorothy Snyder, suddenly threw him out of the meeting.

The suit claims that Krueper did nothing to interrupt, obstruct or interfere with Snyder or the meeting.

Plaintiff Arrested at Town Council Meeting

After being ejected from the meeting, Krueper was reportedly arrested by Mike Howell, the Town Marshall.

According to reports, during the arrest, Howell emotionally abused the plaintiff, calling him names and being aggressive.

When Howell places handcuffs on Krueper he supposedly cut his arm and the elderly man began to bleed excessively.

Paramedics were then called to the Town Hall to treat Krueper’s wounds, which according to Krueper, caused him a great deal of emotional pain amongst the other town members.

Krueper was immediately released from jail with no charges held against him.

In the suit, Krueper seeks compensation for medical bills, humiliation, embarrassment and emotional pain.

(Source: South Bend Tribune)

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