Employee Sues Oregon City for Injuries

Employee Sues Oregon City for Injuries

A former employee of the Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department in Oregon City recently filed a suit against the city.

The suit was filed after the man sustained an injury at work and was reportedly harassed by his previous employers.

Plaintiff Injured at Work

David Rowlands was reportedly at work when he was injured while trying to lift a manhole cover.

The injury was supposedly diagnosed as being lumbar radiculopathy and shortly after being diagnosed, Rowlands filed a worker’s compensation claim and took a leave of absence.

In 2004, Rowlands was released by his doctor to engage in light work and was re-employed by the city.

Harassment at Work

When Rowlands returned to work, he claims that he became the victim of harassment and retaliation by his employers.

He reportedly filed a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), who claim they found significant evidence of harassment against Rowlands.

“After returning to work from being injured, Dick Bergseon and Dan Aryes told me that my operations supervisor, Chuck Carter, was telling all my crew that my injury was not work-related,” says the complaint.

Co-Workers Serve as Witnesses

According to the BOLI investigation, many of Rowlands’ coworkers back up some of his claiming saying that they had witnessed the harassment.

Jan Holmgren claims she heard Carter call Rowlands “gimpy” and ask him if he was “ever going to be able to work again.”

Rowlands is seeking $181,000 for lost wages and benefits, as well as $150,000 in compensatory damages.

(Source: Oregon City News Online)

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