Former Employee Wins $400,000 In Slander Case

Former Employee Wins $400,000 In Slander Case

A Florida woman has been awarded $400,000 from a jury of eight for the slanderous acts of her former employer.  Fifty-five year old Susan L. Cadieux was fired from her job at Oscala Breeder Sales Co. in January of 2004, where she had been employed for thirteen years prior as a faithful employee.

At the time of her dismissal, she was told that she was “no longer management material”, by her superior Dean Wright and was replaced by an employee that Cadieux herself had trained.

After Cadieux left the company she began to grow increasingly disturbed by rumors regarding her termination. She soon learned that OBS employees had been told that she was fired for stealing from the company.  Because of the slanderous allegations, Cadieux had an exceedingly difficult time finding new employment.

Cadieux sued OBS for slander and was awarded $400,000 for her pain and suffering that resulted from the incident.  “She’s been through a lot of mental anguish and bouts of depression,” commented the plaintiff’s attorney Azim F. Saju. 

 “There was definitely clear testimony on slander.  By all accounts, she was a very good employee,” Saju added. 

The suit also alleged that Cadieux was treated unfairly at Oscala Breeder Sales because of her age and gender.  The jury did not consider this to be a contributing factor in their decision-making. 

“My client is very grateful to the jurors who carefully listened to the case,” Saju concluded. 

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