$2.85M Settlement Reached in Escalator Accident

$2.85M Settlement Reached in Escalator Accident

A settlement was recently reached in an escalator accident lawsuit that was filed in 1998 by the parents of an injured boy.

The accident, which happened in a department store in China, reportedly nearly ripped the boy’s hand off.

Escalator Accident Leaves Boy Injured

Kevin Lou was four-years-old when he was riding the escalator in a department store and fell.

According to documents, the boy’s right hand slipped into a gap between the escalator’s surface and the stationary side panels.

“His hand was severed almost through at the palm. It was a near-amputation,” explained the family’s attorney, Jeffrey S. Raphaelson. “If the escalator was set to the proper gap clearance, the incident would have never happened.”

Since the accident, Kevin has endured five surgeries to prevent the amputation of his hand and to help him eventually regain full use.

Family Files Suit

After the incident, the Lou family filed a personal injury suit against the manufacturers of the escalator, Otis Elevator Co.

After deliberation, the jury found the company responsible for the injuries and required them to pay $2.85 million to Kevin.

The jury also awarded his parents $250,000 each.

“The jury held the company responsible. This is very good for us,” said Mr. Lou. “Honestly I’m thankful for the law and justice.”

(Source: Telegram)

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