$18.6M Lawsuit Filed for False Arrest

$18.6M Lawsuit Filed for False Arrest

A suit was filed earlier this week for the false arrest of two boys who Ocean City Police mistook for robbers.

In the 93-count civil suit that is seeking damages of close to $19 million, the plaintiffs are accusing six officers falsely arrest and are charging them with assault and battery.

Incident Leading to the Suit

Demar Leonard and Brandon Bishop were under 18 when they were falsely questioned and arrested at a local 7-Eleven.

The police claim the two boys resembled two suspects who were wanted for their involvement with a shoplifting crime that had occurred at a CVS store in town.

According to police reports, Leonard and Bishop failed to provide police with identification and refused to cooperate; therefore, the situation escalated to a physical altercation and the two were eventually handcuffed.

“The bottom line is, they had no reason to arrest these kids,” says attorney for the boys, Sherwood Westcott, “Even the judge, who saw the pictures of the suspects during the criminal trial, said these kids in no way resemble the other suspects.”

Lawsuit Details

The six officers who reportedly falsely arrested the boys are all named in the suit, along with the town of Ocean City who employees the officers.

Each suit is seeking $200,000 in monetary damages, which would total $18.6 million being sought by the plaintiff’s.

(Source: The Dispatch)

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