False Murder Accusation Case Ends in $6.2M Settlement

False Murder Accusation Case Ends in $6.2M Settlement

A young boy who was falsely accused of murdering an 11-year-old girl has agreed to settle a lawsuit against the city of Chicago for $6.2 million.  The boy was accused of the murder with a friend only one month after the girl’s body was discovered.

The murder, occurring in 1998, shocked the country because of the young age of the alleged killers.  The boy and his friend, 7 and 8 at the time, were the youngest murder suspects in the history of the US.  A month later they were cleared after DNA evidence could not convict them.

The large settlement, seven years later, compensates the boy and his family.  At least some of his money will be used for therapy, the boy’s mother has said.  The case against the city included two Chicago detectives.  The boy’s attorneys allege that the detectives and the police were framing the youths in lieu of a lack of evidence.

Another man, Floyd Durr, currently serving time for other sexual assaults, has been charged in the murder case and is awaiting trial.

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