Family Files Lawsuit After Dog Bite Incident

Family Files Lawsuit After Dog Bite Incident

The family of a man who was injured after being the victim of a dog bite is filing a suit against the police officers who allegedly let the incident happen.

The Evansville Police Department is being named in the suit.

Criminal Claims He Was Attacked

The family of Jeremy VanHorn, 33, claims that he was the victim of an unjust dog attack when officers attempted to arrest him for missing a meeting with his parole officer.

According to VanHorn, he left his house when he heard the officers outside, not knowing who they were.

When he finally approached them, VanHorn claims he was told to “step aside” and when he sat down on a nearby trampoline, the K-9 attacked him, biting him on his head and leg.

Dog Bite Injuries

VanHorn claims that he was not running from the police and was complying with all the requests given to him when the dog bit his head.

The bite to the leg apparently came after he was forced to the ground and handcuffed by officers.

“I was already handcuffed and they just left the dog latch onto my leg,” explained VanHorn. “ I don’t understand why they allowed the dog to chew on me like that.”

The VanHorn family is seeking compensation for the injuries and mental anguish Jeremy endured from the attack.

(Source: Courier Press)

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