Family Sues over Fatal Bus Accident

Family Sues over Fatal Bus Accident

The family of a woman who died in a fatal bus accident has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus driver, and Greyhound Lines, Inc.

The young Santa Barbara woman, Martha Contreras, was pregnant when she was riding an early morning Greyhound bus down the 101 south. The bus tipped over and slammed into a tree.

Contresa and her unborn baby were both killed, as was another passenger, Faro Jahani, 50. Forty-three other passengers were injured.

The Cause is Uncertain

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office found that the bus driver, Samuel Bishop may have experienced an epileptic seizure at the wheel. California Highway Patrol officers had originally said that Bishop might have fallen asleep while he was driving.

The Lawsuits

The lawsuit, filed against Greyhound and Bishop by family of Martha Contreras is scheduled to go to trial in April, according to the family’s attorney, Esteban Valenzuela.

There have also been two other lawsuits brought against Greyhound over the November 27 crash:

·    A personal injury lawsuit filed by one of the bus passengers, San Francisco resident Keith St. Clair
·    A wrongful death lawsuit brought against Greyhound by the family of Jahani, the man who died in the accident, settled out of court for an undisclosed amount


The family blames Bishop for the crash. They also blame Greyhound for putting Bishop in a position to drive a bus, risking the lives of his passengers.

Contrera’s mother said the lawsuit can’t bring justice, but she will pursue it “just so the driver takes responsibility for his actions.”

“We’re hoping Greyhound will reexamine its practices and procedures and avoid this kind of accident in the future,” said Valenzuela

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