Family Sues Police for $100M over Fatal Beating

Family Sues Police for $100M over Fatal Beating

The family of a Philadelphia man who was allegedly beaten to death during a struggle with police has filed a $100 million wrongful-death lawsuit against the Lumberton Township Police.

The lawsuit claims that the victim Albert Gunter, 49, was killed because the officers violated his constitutional rights and used excessive force during his arrest. The lawsuit also claims that Gunter’s death was caused in part by inadequate police training.

The Incident

Gunter had recently been divorced and was left without a home. He was staying with his nephew when the incident happened.

According to the prosecutor’s spokesman, Jack Smith, said Gunter refused to leave his nephews house. He then became violent when police tried to arrest him, Smith said.

According to the Gunters’ lawyer, Jeremy Walker, Gunter’s family called the police when Gunter started causing a ruckus in the garage.

Two officers responded to the call immediately, and four more showed up later. Walker mentioned that Gunter was black and all the officers were white.

“My nephew said it sounded like a tornado,” said Albert Gunter’s brother regarding the struggle with police.

According to Walker, family members said they heard Gunter screaming for help during the struggle. The screaming lasted 20 minutes, according to walker. Gunter was facedown and had three officers on top of him when the family opened the garage door.

The family said they smelled pepper spray or mace inside the garage. They also said the officers threatened to arrest them if they got involved.

According to walker, one of the officers asked for leg shackles, but when he turned Gunter over, he saw that he had stopped breathing.

Officers tried to recussitate him, but Gunter was unresponsive. He was taken to Virtua Memorial Hospital Burlington County where he was pronounced dead.

Lerome, Gunter’s brother, said Gunter’s body looked like it was beaten severely. “I believe my brother was murdered by the police,” he said.

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