Second Suit Filed in Fatal Scaffolding Accident

Second Suit Filed in Fatal Scaffolding Accident

The family of a former construction worker who was killed in a Boston scaffolding collapse last April filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two companies involved in the building project at Emerson College in Boston.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of 41-year-old Robert E. Beane’s family names Macomber Builders, who ran the construction site, and Fraco Ltd., which made the scaffold as defendants.

Beane was one of three who was killed when a scaffolding came loose during a construction project on Boylston Street and crashed down on two workers and a man in his car. This lawsuit is the second filed since the accident.

According to the claim, the general contractor and scaffolding manufacturer’s negligence and recklessness directly caused the accident.

The Beane family suit alleges that Macomber and Fraco failed to sufficiently inspect or monitor the scaffolding and Fraco produced faulty plans for securing the scaffold.

“There were no inspections done duirng the entire process; that is dead wrong. It is just common sense when you are dealing with machinery that weighs 20,000 pounds and is holding human lives,” said the family’s attorney, James Barretto.

The Beane family hopes this lawsuit will prompt major safety changes in the construction industry.

“No family should have to go through the loss and devastation we have,” said Beane’s mother Ida Beane. “You shouldn’t have to bury a son.

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