Fayetteville, Illinois Auto Accident Lawsuit

Fayetteville, Illinois Auto Accident Lawsuit

-November 26, 2008

Two Fayetteville, Illinois residents filed a personal injury lawsuit against and Illinois state trooper claiming his reckless driving caused an auto accident that resulted in serious injuries.

Christine and Kelly Marler claim they were driving west on the highway when state trooper, Matthew Mitchell, drove over the median and collided with their vehicle.

According to the lawsuit, Mitchell was on his way to the scene of another auto accident that occurred minutes before the accident. The lawsuit accuses Mitchell of driving recklessly, reaching a speed of 126 miles per hour.

Fayetteville Couple Seeks Compensation for Injuries
The two plaintiffs are seeking compensation for their injuries. Christine alleges she has suffered permanent injuries, including:

• Serious leg and patella injuries
• Permanent physical and emotional pain

Christine also claims she was in the third trimester of her pregnancy at the time of the car wreck. Although her baby was uninjured, she claims she was forced to give birth in an awkward, painful position due to her injuries.

In addition to her physical injuries, Christine alleges she sustained financial and emotional losses, including:

• Prevented from participating in normal daily activities
• Hefty medical bills
• Loss of quality of life

Kelly, who was also involved in the accident claims he also suffered serious injuries due to Mitchell’s negligence and recklessness. He claims he has sustained permanent injuries to his scapholunate ligament and an occult right dorsal wrist ganglion and has also suffered emotional and financial losses.

The couple is seeking sums in excess of $100,000 for their losses. They filed the lawsuit Nov. 20 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

(Source: Madison St. Clair)

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