$18.95M Settlement Reached in Fire Accident Suit

$18.95M Settlement Reached in Fire Accident Suit

Students who were injured at Hudson’s Western Reserve Academy have reached a settlement for the burn injuries they endured during a fire accident that happened during a chemistry class demonstration.

The two victims are reportedly receiving $18.95 million from the settlement.

Experiment Turns Tragic

According to Hudson Fire Chief Bob Carter, the fire was ignited when methanol vapors coming from a bottle combined with a flame.

The fire accident happened while Julie Pratt, the class’s instructor, was demonstrating how to depict the characteristic colors of different chemical salts when they’re burned.

“The most elementary of safety standards were ignored,” said the students attorney Paul Perantinides. “This was a preventable tragedy for all involved, not only our clients-the students and their families-but to the institution as a whole.”
Students Injured

Calais Weber and Cecelia Chen were the two students who suffered injuries from the unexpected fire.

Weber was the most injured and burns supposedly covered 46 percent of her body.
18 percent of Chen’s body was reportedly covered in burns and both the victims were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

Settlement Compensates Teenagers and their Families

Calais and her family were given $13.15 million in the settlement and Cecelia and her family received $5.8 million.

"We deeply regret this incident and the injury it caused to those who were present that day,” commented Western Reserve spokesman Russell Morrison.

(Source: Ohio.com)

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