Risk of Fires During Surgery

Risk of Fires During Surgery

According to recent reports, fires during operations are far more common than most realize.

These types of fire accidents are likely to severely injure or even kill patients while they are in the operating rooms.

Woman Becomes Victim of Medical Hazard

While Antoinette DiPhillipo was undergoing gallbladder surgery at the North Shore Medical Center in Boston, a fire reportedly ignited in her midsection.

Her surgeon allegedly rubbed an alcohol-based cleaning solution on her before using a hot tool to begin surgery and flames immediately shot up from her midsection.

A state investigation found that DiPhillipo suffered first-and second-degree burns from the fire accident.

High Number of Fire Accidents in Operating Rooms

Reports claim that the state of Pennsylvania has experienced 28 operating fires in the past three years.

“The numbers are higher than we expected,” explains Mark Bruley, the vice president for accident and forensic investigation at the ECRI Institute in Pennsylvania. “It’s a small risk, according to the statistics, however, having a fire on your face can be a severely disfiguring and horrendous experience.

Since her surgery, DiPhillipo has filed a medical malpractice suit against her surgeon, Dr. Hubert Johnson.

(Source: The Boston Globe)

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