Fire Victim’s Family Sues Office Building’s Owner

Fire Victim’s Family Sues Office Building’s Owner

The family of a woman who was one of three people killed in a fire as a result of burn injuries has filed a lawsuit against the building’s owner and the nurse who confessed to setting the building ablaze.

The Damages Sought

The suit claims the office building had inadequate fire protection and warning systems in place. The family seeks an investigation into the building’s fire safety systems.

The suit seeks damages for Jeannete’s physical pain, mental pain, suffering, and for the pain and anguish of her husband and daughter. The suit further seeks compensation for the damages the family suffers, including loss of support, care and companionship.

The Suit

The suit, filed on the behalf of Jeanette Hargrove, by her husband Willie and his stepdaughter, Porsha Daniels, 16, claims that because the building did not have adequate fire safety equipment installed, the fire was allowed to spread throughout the top two floors of the building easily and rapidly.

“If something detected fire, it didn’t warn anybody,” said Randall Sorrels, the Hargroves’ attorney. “If a sprinkler system detected fire, it didn’t suppress it. But more importantly, there should have been devices that detected smoke and fire and gave adequate warning to tenants.”

The Fire Alarm System

Other people who were able to get out of the building in time said they had not heard any alarm. Others claimed they heard a faint buzz, but many others reported they got no warning that the building was on fire.

Under law, property owners are required to ensure that their buildings have adequate fire suppression and warning systems in place. These systems are to be kept well-maintained and in working order.

Injured in a Fire?

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