Three Killed In Florida Airport Accident

Three Killed In Florida Airport Accident

Three people were killed Sunday when a small airplane slammed into an SUV parked outside of a Gainesville Regional Airport terminal, plummeting the vehicle through the terminal wall.  Those in the plane were killed, though no one on the ground was injured according to initial reports. 

In addition to crashing through the airport, the twin-engine Beech B-60 sparked a fire behind the baggage claim area, causing smoke to fill the terminal. 

This small plane circled the airport several times before its tragic descent, but failed to send a distress call, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.  The plane took off from a north Florida airport though its destination was unknown. 

The terminal affected by the airplane accident remained closed for the rest of Sunday and into today.  Commercial flights were expected to resume Monday afternoon, though private aircrafts continued to arrive and depart unabated. 

It is unclear exactly what caused this airplane accident.  The FAA and the NSTB are currently investigating the aviation accident to determine cause and liability. 

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