Seven Siblings Killed in Car Accident

Seven Siblings Killed in Car Accident

Seven children were killed and several others injured in a devastating Florida car accident when a truck pushed a passenger vehicle into a stopped school bus in Lake Butler, Florida. Local officials and investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are trying to determine why the truck driver hit the car from behind, with no signs of braking.

Seven siblings occupied the car in this deadly vehicle accident—all adopted foster children ages two to fifteen. One of the eldest, 15-year-old Nicki Mann, had been driving illegally—she had only a learner's permit—allegedly on her way to church with her brothers and sisters.

The school bus that was also hit in the deadly truck accident was carrying nine students. Of these children three remain in serious condition at a Gainesville Hospital, two are in fair condition, and the others were discharged from the hospital with minor injuries. The bus driver was in stable condition after being rushed to the hospital. The driver of the truck suffered only minor injuries.

Officials say the deadly truck accident occurred on a well-lit two-lane road with no identified obstructions or other hazards, which might have contributed to the accident.

Investigators say there were no signs that the truck driver had braked at any point before the deadly vehicle accident. Florida Highway Patrol lieutenant William Leeper says, “There doesn't appear to be any reason why the driver could not have seen the vehicle stopping.” Another official stated, “We want to know why he didn't see a big large school bus.”

According to the initial truck accident reports, authorities tested the truck driver's blood alcohol level and are currently trying to determine why he crashed his truck into the stopped car and school bus. Investigators are looking into whether he was using a cell phone, if he was fatigued , or whether a mechanical failure of the truck may have contributed to this devastating vehicle accident. Criminal charges against the truck driver are pending the investigation.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school bus accidents are relatively rare. Since 1994, approximately ten people have been killed annually in school bus accidents.

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