Florida Plane Crash Kills 20

Florida Plane Crash Kills 20

Investigations continue today into the Chalk’s Ocean Airways crash that killed 20 people off of Southern Florida.  The plane is a Grumman G-73T Turbine Mallard manufactured in 1947.  According to the Chalk’s Ocean Airways website, all of their planes are currently undergoing renovations, including mechanical and cosmetic.

The passengers included at least two American tourists and many Bahamians who had been shopping in Florida and were on their way home.  Flight 101 was one of Chalk’s daily services between Florida and the Bahamas.  This particular flight was headed to Bimini, a small island about 50 miles from Florida that is part of the Bahamas.

The investigation is underway by the US National Transportation Safety Board with help from the US Coast Guard and the FAA.  The area that the plane went down in is a commonly traveled boat passage and many cruise ships had to reschedule their departures yesterday.

The FAA has determined that the plane had a clean safety record with no incidents over the past couple of decades.

Coast Guard crews and police are working to investigate the wreck of the plane, both from boats and using rescue divers.  The plane is sitting in about 35 feet of water.  Officials say they are planning to raise the plane off of the floor in order to better conduct their inquiry into the reasons for its crash.

The crash occurred on Monday at about 2:30 pm, shortly after taking off from Watson Island, Florida.  There were 18 passengers including three infants and two crewmembers onboard, all were killed.  Amateur videotape shown on television appears to display one of the plane’s wings that had detached from the plane’s body, bursting into flames and falling separately from the plane.

There were hundreds of witnesses.  

While the investigation into what caused the airplane crash is set to take as long as nine months, officials are asking anyone who saw the crash to come forward with details.  

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