Florida Sued in Juvenile Rape Case

Florida Sued in Juvenile Rape Case

The state of Florida is facing a lawsuit in the alleged rape of a teenager in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility.  The teen’s family announced on Wednesday that they are suing the state in a case that has many unsettled.  The incident occurred at the Tallahassee Juvenile Detention Center.

The victim in the case is Robert Russ, a 300-pound teenager who is severely mentally challenged and disabled.  The suit alleges that another detainee who was supposed to be taking care of Robert raped him instead.  The victim’s two remaining family caretakers, his 71-year-old grandmother Pearlie Russ and his 84-year-old great aunt Mattie Russ filed the suit.

The suit alleges that the facility deliberately put 17-year-old Lee Donton in charge of Robert and left them alone while Donton was supposed to change Robert’s diapers.  Lee Donton had a long history of sexual assault and was being held under sexual assault charges.

Florida state legislators are in an uproar over the incident and are asking tough questions of Juvenile Justice Secretary Anthony Schembri about the lack of an internal investigation regarding the incident.  Following reports of the incident a guard at the facility was fired and the superintendent was suspended.

There are also reports that the facility and local police have been deliberately withholding key videotaped evidence of the area in which the boys were during the incident.



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