Driver Killed in Florida Bus Accident

Driver Killed in Florida Bus Accident

The driver of a Ford Escape died after smashing his vehicle into a Florida school bus Oct. 14. The bus, which was transporting 24 kids at the time of the accident, was slowing to make stop at a drop off location, when the driver of the Escape failed to stop and crashed into the back of the bus. 

None of the 24 children on board the bus or the driver were seriously injured. One child was reported to have sustained a minor cut. The driver, whose name has yet to be released, wasn’t so lucky, however.

The Bruner Middle School students who were aboard the bus were all wearing seatbelts when the accident occurred. According to police reports, the bus, which was making a scheduled stop, had its flashing red lights on in an effort to signal the surrounding vehicles to stop. The driver apparently did not see the signaling lights. 

Officials are Investigating Whether the Driver Was under the Influence

Officials noted they are still investigating the reason the driver of the Escape failed to stop, and according to reports, whether or not the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs is still unknown.

According to reports, the bus accident caused traffic in both directions to pile up for over two hours.

(Source: News Harold)

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