Disability Suit Settled in Florida

Disability Suit Settled in Florida

A disabilities lawsuit was recently settled in Florida and the plaintiff reportedly received $34,000 in her case.

The city will pay the plaintiff for supposedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Woman Files Suit

Bonnie Bell, with the support of Advocates for Disabled Americans, claimed city hall is guilty for violating the act on several occasions.

Advocated for Disabled Americans is a national disability right group.

Bell was named as the primary plaintiff in the suit and is set to receive $6, 500 in the settlement from the Florida League of Cities, the city of Live Oak’s insurance carrier.

City Violates Act

Among the violations cited by Bell and the group are:

  • Non-compliant hand rails at the wheelchair ramp
  • Lack of an access aisle for parking spaces
  • Improper height of counters and of restroom dispensers

Millennium Park in Live Oak was also cited for non-compliant parking spaces, ramps and picnic tables.

Changes to be Made

As a result of the lawsuit, the city is being forced to make necessary changes in order to accommodate those with disabilities in their community.

“It’s something that needs to be done,” says City Administrator, Bob Farley.

Modifications throughout the city are expected to cost close to $34,000.

(Source: Suwannee Democrat)

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