Suit Filed After Man Dies in Elevator Accident

Suit Filed After Man Dies in Elevator Accident

The family of a man who died in an elevator accident in Florida recently filed a suit on his behalf.

The man reportedly became trapped between an elevator door and security gate at a medical building.

Elevator Accident Takes Man’s Life

Myron Kafkam, 81, was found trapped between a security gate and elevator door by an employee who was just getting to work.

Police claim that Kafka appeared to have stepped out of the elevator with just enough room between him and the gate when the doors closed behind him.

Reports state that Kafka died of a heart attack after he became trapped.

“Before he knew what happened, the door closed behind him and he was trapped for two days where he died,” explains Rick Ellsley, attorney for the Kafkam family.

Family Takes Action

A suit was filed by the Kafkam family against the management company of the building claiming their negligence caused Myron’s wrongful death.

In 2004, the building was allegedly cited for a safety violation and told to remove the elevator but failed to do so. 

 “The owner and the management company of this building thumbed their nose and, basically, ignored the county’s requirement to remove those gates,” said Ellsley.

(Source: Local 10 News)

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