Family of Injured Boy Files Suit in Florida

Family of Injured Boy Files Suit in Florida

The family of a young boy who was seriously injured when a speaker fell on his head has filed a personal injury suit in Tampa Bay, FL.

The injury occurred at Baywalk and the parents of the child are reportedly seeking millions in damages.

Boy Injured at Retail Store

Josiah Wineberger was three-years-old and eating ice cream at an entertainment retail store when a large speaker allegedly fell from the second story onto his head.

“This case is really about common sense,” explains John Bates, an attorney for the family. “You don’t need experts to understand that you don’t put a multipound speaker on a second floor above an area where the public is walking.”

Accident Results in Brain Trauma

As a result of the incident, Wineberger’s brain was shattered and damaged.

According to reports, part of his brain is still exposed and he has to wear a helmet to protect his head.

Wineberger is partially paralyzed on his right side, has already endured two surgeries and may have to undergo another.

“He’ll never be 100 percent again,” states John Wineberger, “he’ll have to continue therapy for the rest of his life.”

(Source: TBO.Com)

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