California High School Student Dies in Football Game

California High School Student Dies in Football Game

Boron High School football player, Vinnie Rodriguez, died Sept. 16 after suffering traumatic head injuries during a football game days before. Rodriguez spent 4 days in intensive care at Loma Linda Medical Center before succumbing to the fatal injuries.

The 16-year-old running back and safety obtained the fatal head injuries while making a tackle in a game against California School for the Deaf Riverside.

Football Team Plays Game in Honor of Rodriguez

After Rodriguez’s death, Coach Todd Fink announced to the rest of the team that they were going to cancel their upcoming road game against Lake Isabella Kern Valley. Fink’s decision was overruled by the Bobcats, however, who insisted on playing the game in honor of their deceased teammate.

“The kids want to play for Vinnie,” said Boron Athletic Director Jim Boghosian. “That’s what he would want.”

Fink noted that if any of the players decide they are not emotionally ready to play in the game he will support their decision.

High School Hosts Dinner to Raise Funds for the Family

Boron High School teachers and students are coming together in an effort to show support for Rodriguez and his family. They will host a spaghetti dinner tonight in the school cafeteria in an effort to raise funds to pay Rodriguez’s medical bills.

Boron students showed their support for Rodriguez in other ways as well. A group of students tied pink and orange ribbons to a fence on the school grounds in the shape of a heart alongside the running back’s jersey number and first initial.

The students formed a memorial beneath the ribbons, which includes a candle, flowers, an angel figurine and a book of promises and prayers.

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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