CA Judge Approves Ford Settlement

CA Judge Approves Ford Settlement

A California judge recently approved a settlement regarding consumers who purchased the Ford Explorers that were recently recalled.

The vehicles were recalled due to findings that they could lead to potential rollovers and were defective.

According to reports, an estimated 800,000 Ford Explorer owners bought vehicles that quickly lost value due to the defect.

Suit Claims

Although the agreement was approved by a California judge, the settlement will benefit consumers in Illinois, Connecticut, and Texas too.

The suit claims that Explorers decreased about $1,000 in resale value due to the publicity involving rollover accidents linked to the vehicles.

Settlement Compensates Consumers

The settlement will benefit customers who bought explorers in model years 1991 through 2001.

Under the settlement, those who bought vehicles during this time are eligible for a $500 voucher to buy a new Explorer or a $300 voucher to buy another Ford or Lincoln Mercury vehicle.

(Source: Action 3 News)

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