Ford Recalls Vehicles

Ford Recalls Vehicles

The government recently announced the recall of 4.6 million Ford vehicles and are encouraging owners to bring their trucks and cars to dealerships immediately.

The vehicles have reportedly been recalled due to faulty cruise control systems that could potentially cause engine fires.

Vehicles Cause Problems

According to reports, the vehicles have had a huge impact on Ford and it’s particularly affected it F-series pickup trucks.

Several complaints and dozens of lawsuits have supposedly resulted in three deaths due to engine fires.

Ford Recalls in the Past

Since 1999 an estimated 9.6 million Ford vehicles have been recalled and only 5 million have been fixed, which has many concerned about the remaining vehicles.

Since 2007, NHTSA has reportedly received about 60 complaints regarding Ford vehicles.

Consumers Encouraged to Bring Cars to Dealership

“We absolutely want everybody to come in as soon as possible so we can eliminate the risk of fire for anyone with a vehicle in this recall,” explains spokesman for Ford Motor Co., Wes Sherwood.

Owners can take their vehicles to a dealer and have the cruise control deactivated to prevent future problems.

(Source: Associated Press)

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