Mother Sues Over Adopted Daughter’s Foster Care Abuse

Mother Sues Over Adopted Daughter’s Foster Care Abuse

An adoptive mother, who identifies herself as L.A., filed a child abuse lawsuit yesterday against the welfare system in the state of New Jersey.

The adopted child was abandoned by her biological mother, then both physically and sexually abused by her biological father and his girlfriend. After bouncing between three foster homes, where she was allegedly mistreated and neglected, L.A. adopted the eight-year-old girl.

The Abuse

Before the child was adopted in 2005, the Division Youth and Family Services (DYFS) described the girl as being a “happy” and “healthy” child who “happened to have stepped in a bucket of bleach and burned her foot.”

However, there was no mention of the DYFS’ previous confirmation that when the child was only three she was beaten with a belt by her father and his girlfriend. The abusers burned her legs, vaginal area, feet and back, and hung her from a door hook with her hands bound.

“She needed medical care for the burns and a sexual abuse evaluation and that was never done,” claims L.A.

Taking Action

L.A., a Pennsylvania resident and a woman who is a veteran of the human services field, accused New
Jersey’s welfare system of violating the child’s civil rights by overlooking the obvious signs of abuse and neglect.

According to the lawsuit, she was “physically abused by one foster mother, while another failed to seek treatment for a severe ear infection that led to a flattened ear drum. The child never received her immunizations, or any therapy to help her cope with her experiences.”

L.A. also alleges that the DYFS has continued to dismiss her daughter’s needs by refusing her the right to see a therapist whom the child developed a close relationship to over the past year.

The mother is seeking unspecified monetary damages to help in the care that she will need to provide for her daughter in the years to come. She also wishes to see drastic changes in a system that seems to be ignoring the children put under its care.  


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