Georgia Police Wrongful Death

Georgia Police Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed in Columbia County after a woman ran a red light and killed a driver while fleeing from a local deputy.

The suit claims that there was a reckless disregard of “proper police procedure” which is ultimately the reason the crash occurred.

Accident in Intersection

Tiara Smith was allegedly fleeing from a Columbia County deputy when she ran a red light at an intersection and hit Margaret Branton.

Smith claims she running from the police officers after she was suspected of shoplifting at a nearby store.

Both Branton and her son were killed in the crash.

Suit Filed by Husband

The suit was filed by Branton’s husband who says that the accident could have been prevented had the police not been chasing Smith.

He is seeking damages from the Sheriff’s office as well as the county for not properly abiding to police procedure.

The suit claims that at the time of the accident, the Sheriff’s Office has a policy which required officers to end pursuits unless the chase involved a suspect that was a threat to others.

According to reports, the police has no definitive reason to believe that Smith and her passengers fit this category.

(Source: WJBF)

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