Radio Station Kept as Defendant in “Great White” Fire Lawsuit

Radio Station Kept as Defendant in “Great White” Fire Lawsuit

WHJY, a Rhode Island radio station, is being kept on as a defendant in the high profile civil lawsuit case based on the deaths of some 100 persons at a Great White concert in Providence, RI, in February of 2003.  The presiding judge denied the radio station’s request to be taken off of the defendant panel.

The concert, by the rock band Great White, featured extensive pyrotechnics that caught part of the club on fire, killing the hundred people and injuring scores of others.  The US District Judge, Ronald Lagueux, has expressed concerns that the radio station has not been able to say why they were unable to prevent the band from using fireworks in their show.  The lawsuit alleges that WHJY knew about Great White’s pyrotechnic show and still took no measures to ensure the safety of concertgoers.

The radio station has denied wrongdoing and lost one of their DJs, Michael Gonsalves, in the fire.

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