Gym Victim Suffers Spinal Cord Injuries

Gym Victim Suffers Spinal Cord Injuries

A hedge-fund manager who regularly attended spin classes at a local Manhattan gym is planning to sue a man who allegedly attacked him in the middle of class resulting in spinal cord injuries.

According to reports, a broker on a nearby bike who was “fed up” with the manager’s constant “whooping and yelling” throughout the class and attacked the man.

After the broker was simply given a misdemeanor for his actions, the victim announced that he plans to file a suit by the end of the week with the help of his attorney, Samuel Davis.

Spin Class Brawl

Stuart Sugarman, 48, was a regular at the Upper East spin classes until one fateful day when another gym member reportedly took out his frustration on the innocent rider.

Sugarman, who admitted that he loudly whooped and shouted, “You go, girl!” during a recent class at the Equinox gym, claims that Christopher Carter, who was working out three bikes away, jumped off his bike and suddenly charged at him.

Witnesses reported that Carter yelled “Shut up” at Sugarman before tilting his stationary bike’s front wheel back and flipping the bike, and Sugarman, backwards.

Biker Suffers Injuries

Sugarman reportedly had a concussion after the incident and damaged six discs in the vertebrae of his neck.

“He had a spinal-cord contusion with major surgery to his neck involving the use of cadaver tissue and multiple metal plates and screws,” said Davis.

Sugarman announced yesterday that he plans to follow through with a suit with the support of his attorneys and doctors.

“The reality is, I spent two weeks at the hospital, including a week in ICU and six hours in surgery. My life has been altered, possibly permanently, this is not just a misdemeanor,” explained Sugarman.

(Source: The New York Post)

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