Harry and David Candy Voluntarily Recalled

Harry and David Candy Voluntarily Recalled

Harry and David, a gift and candy retailer based in Oregon, has just issued a voluntary product recall of about 400 of its "Harry and David Moose Munch Confection, Milk Chocolate Gingerbread" candies due to the possibility that they may contain pecans. They issued the recall based on the fact that the product may be unsafe for some consumers.

Although pecans aren't supposed to be included in this candy's ingredients, another candy - Harry and David's "Dark Chocolate Butter Pecan Moose Munch" – was accidentally packaged in the gingerbread candy's labels. Less than 60 boxes of these 1 lb. 4 oz. candies were incorrectly packaged.

Products Containing Nuts Require Labeling
According to FDA regulations, any food product that contains pecans (or another common food allergen) must state so on its label. Such warnings are intended to prevent those with moderate to severe food allergies from consuming products that will cause them discomfort or harm their lives.

Since the Harry and David candies weren't supposed to contain pecans (and since their packaging didn't include "pecans" in the candies list of ingredients), Harry and David, with the support of the FDA, has issued this nationwide recall.

Both types of candies in question are sold throughout the U.S. in Harry and David stores only.

Effects of Pecan Allergies
Pecan allergies – along with allergies to other types of nuts – are among the eight most common food allergies that afflict people. For those who live with such a food allergy, their bodies' immune systems mistakenly identify the food product as a harmful foreign substance and attack it.

This can cause a variety of physical reactions that will vary depending on the severity of a person's allergy, as well as his overall health.

Some of the most common symptoms of pecan (and other food) allergies include:

• abdominal pains
• diarrhea
• general inflammation
• lightheadedness
• nausea
• sneezing
• vomiting
• wheezing
• eczema, hives and other skin problems

Because more serious cases of food allergies can dramatically impede breathing and heart functions, those with severe pecan allergies should avoid consuming pecans at any measure. Should they ingest a food that they are allergic to, they will need immediate medical treatment and, possibly, an adrenaline shot.

People allergic to pecans may also be allergic to…

• almonds
• Brazil nuts
• cashews
• hazelnuts
• macadamia nuts
• pistachios

If you are allergic to pecans but are unsure of other possible food allergies you may have, consult your doctor for testing. Food allergies can be serious, and knowing what you should avoid may help save your life.

(Source: FDA)

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