Suit Filed Over Hawaii Dam Break

Suit Filed Over Hawaii Dam Break

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the property owners of a 100-year-old earthen dam in Kauai that burst in March killing seven people.

The lawsuit claims the land surrounding the dam was graded illegally by property owner James H. Pflueger, which directly caused the dam failure that set free over 300 million gallons of water cutting a three-mile path of destruction to the ocean.

According to the suit, Pflueger refused to have the property inspected at the state’s request. Furthermore, the suit alleges that Pflueger was aware of seepage from the dam, but failed to fix the problem.

The millions of gallons of water from the dam break killed at least seven people as they slept. Only three bodies have been recovered.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary and punitive damages. Pflueger Properties, Pflueger Partners, Pflueger Management LLC, and others are named as defendants in the suit.

Hawaii state attorney general’s office is currently investigating the incident. 

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