Potentially Hazardous Work Conditions at UCSD

Potentially Hazardous Work Conditions at UCSD

The literature building at the University of San Diego California is currently under investigation for hazardous work conditions after a journalism student began looking into the high number of cancer cases among former employees.

The Investigation

When student and journalism major Justin Williams overheard one of his professors talking about a possible cancer cluster, he decided to do some investigating of his own.

“Over the past 16 years there were five cases of breast cancer, two cases of uterine cancer and one case of glandular cancer,” says Williams.

Daphne Thaung, university industrial hygienist manager, has met with the buildings occupants regarding the issue. “There could be an infinite amount of things we could look into and not go anywhere,” she said.

Some have pointed to dirty air filters, stagnant water, and dust as possible causes. Officials have also believed the ventilation from the nearby engineering building could be to blame.


Campus environmental officials immediately began testing the possible causes for the possible hazardous conditions of the building with all tests coming back negative.

“They did several studies on the different environmental stressors in the building. We’ve tested everything from electromagnet fields to coliform in the water and moss growth. All those tests came back negative,” Williams explains.

What Now?

The university has not released any names of those affected by the working conditions in the building, though Williams insists, “ I think the people that were involved with the studies were very proactive both in easing people’s minds and finding out if there is a problem that needs to be taken care of.”

There is no word on when the newest results from the latest tests conducted will be available to the public.

(Source: http://www.cbs8.com/features/healthcast/story.php?id=89548)

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