Family Sues over Mental Healthcare Facility Fire Death

Family Sues over Mental Healthcare Facility Fire Death

The first lawsuit over a fire accident that killed 10 in a Missouri home for the mentally ill has been filed. The lawsuit alleges that the fire was a result of negligence on the part of the home’s operators and owner.

In the wrongful-death lawsuit, the wife and parents of Glen Taff, 19, claim that Robert Dupont, the building owner, and River of Life Ministries, operators of the Anderson Guest House, negligently failed to fix defective electrical wiring and put in a sprinkler system.

The home’s fire alarm went off, but the home had no sprinklers November 27 when it burned down. The fire killed Taff, who was a caregiver, and 10 other residents. It also injured 24 other people, including Taff’s Wife, Amanda.

The Lawsuit

According to investigators, the fire started late at night in the single-story mental healthcare home’s unfinished attic. It may have been caused by faulty wiring, but investigators said it may be difficult to prove because the fire may have destroyed the evidence.

“Mr. Dupont and River of Life had a duty to ensure that the premises of the Anderson Guest House were free of dangerous conditions, including but not limited to the defective wiring and the lack of a sprinkler system,” said the lawsuit, filed by Amanda Taff’s attorney, William H. Pickett.

Amanda, 18, is under sedation in a Springfield hospital. She is receiving treatment for burns to at least 60 percent of her body, including her face, back, and arms.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified wrongful death damages for the death of Taff, and personal injury damages for the injuries Amanda sustained. Pickett said they have not decided how much they would be seeking in damages.

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