Dangers With Heating Pads

Dangers With Heating Pads

A family living in New Jersey is warning consumers about a commonly used household product.

The family has voiced concern about others who may be using the heating pads in their homes after they were burned and their bed almost caught fire.

Child Injured by Heating Pad

Giovanni Bonnicelli, was four-years-old when he and his mother Janine were napping in bed using a Sunbeam Health at Home Heating Pad.

“Our bed is kind of pushed against the wall. We sat up and we pushed against the heating pad,” explained Janine Bonnicelli. “I felt a shock through my whole arm and my hand then it just started throbbing and pulsing.”

Janine claims that she and her child suffered minor burns from the heating pad malfunction.

Sunbeam Questioned

Attorney George McLaughlin says he has been involved in over 100 cases against the manufacturers of the heating pads, Sunbeam, in the last 11 years.

According to MaLaughlin, all the cases have involved electric mattress covers, blankets, and heating pads.

The FDA has reportedly received more than 40 complaints regarding the heating pads causing injuries as well.

(Source: ABC News)

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